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Hello! My name is Camille-Lillian, your friendly neighborhood herbalist and proprietor of Lillian Herbals. Welcome! 

The Mission

To inspire communities and families to bring natural remedies into everyday routines.

The Vision

To live in a world where everyone is educated on the health of their bodies. To be in communities where everyone feels empowered to make wellness and restoration a priority. To collectively move beyond symptom relief and embracing the complexity of a balanced body and mind. I aim to give people the tools to live an optimal life.

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What is Herbalism?

Herbalism is a practice using plants to help support whole body health, bridging gaps between mind body and soul. Herbalism looks at the different properties in each plant and combines them in unique formulas tailored to each individual body. This is a tradition that dates back to the beginning of time and is present in every culture. Because of the long standing historical use of these plants, the use of herbs has been widely acknowledged as safe and effective. 


How Can Camille-Lillian Help Me?


Camille-Lillian often teaches community classes both in person and online covering a wide range of herbal topics for all age groups.

Custom Formulas

An herbal formula may include dry herbs for tea, tinctures, bath salts, flower essences and more. Each formula is prepared based on the clients individual needs. 

Group Sessions

Sessions are not just for individuals. Work places, collectives, youth groups, and more can benefit from group wellness sessions. 

First Hand Advice

The most effective delivery method for your specific needs.

Individual Coaching

Reach your wellness goals at your own pace. Consultations come with access to your herbalist for guidance outside of your scheduled appointment times.

Lifestyle Friendly

Offering flexible appointment locations to East Bay locals as well as video appointments for those with limited ability to travel or for those outside of the Bay Area.

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Community Reviews

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I can confidently recommend long term consultations with Camille. She is the best herbalist coach.


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In 1 month of following Camille's system, I have overcame my anxiety about my future. 


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Gaining Confidence

 Camille has brought something I didn't think I had within myself, out of me.