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$80 | 90 min | *herbal formula(s) not included

This will include a full constitutional intake, discussing matters of physical and mental health, diet, living and work environments as well as any pressing issues you feel are important to address. Afterwards, you will receive a custom plant based formula. This is the beginning of your journey. 


*pricing varies

Classes, herbal vending booths, and DIY demos are offered to both small and large groups. They are a great addition to a party, homeschool curriculum, or corporate event. You can choose from a variety of classes such as herbs 101 or customize an experience for your group. 


$60 | 60 min | *herbal formula(s) not included

(approx. every 4 weeks)

In this appointment we will discuss how the body is responding to the herbal formulas and lifestyle changes that have been put into motion. We will continue to work on balancing the body and mind by modifying formulas or introducing new lifestyle changes.

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